Personal Details
Faculty Name:  Dr.Geetha P
Designation:  Assistant Professor
Teaching Experience:  15 Years
Mobile No:  8842
E-Mail ID:

Area of Expertise
Area of Expertise: 

information retrieval, Theory of compution, DBMS, data mining

Educational Details
Name of the University 
Graduated in 
Sathyabama University
Sathyabama University
Madras University

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2.   Geetha P, and Vasumathi Narayanan, “Motion trajectory based video content Retrieval and delivery for small displays”, Ntional Journal of System and Information Technology.   National Journal
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8.   Geetha P, and Vasumathi Narayanan, "Survey on CBVR”, Journal of Computer Science, pp. 474-486.   National Journal
9.   Geetha P and Vasumathi Narayanan, “A Comparative study of storage schemes ofr content-based video Retrieval", IETECH Journal of Advanced Computing.  International Journal

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